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I'm Michio Honda, doing systems research in NEC Laboratories Europe at Heidelberg. I moved back here on November 2016 from Advanced Technology Group (ATG) of NetApp where I worked for two years in Munich. I finished my PhD in March 2012 at Keio University, Japan.  My research interests include networked systems, operating systems and network protocols.  In 2008 I joined Nokia Research Center, Espoo, Finland as an intern, and in 2010 I joined University College London (UCL) as a visiting student researcher.

 Twitter: @michioh
Program Commitee:
2013: ACM SOSP (poster session)
11 December 2018:
Speicher, a secure persistent storage will appear in USENIX FAST'19!
30 September 2018:
I will serve on PC of ACM/IEEE SC'19, System Software track
10 August 2018:
Commentary and project page of PASTE are up
26 July 2018:
In-hardware stateful packet processing paper will appear in USENIX NSDI 2019!
20 April 2018:
Vagrantfile for pre-configured PASTE VM is up.
18 February 2018:
I will be a PC member for ACM/IEEE ANCS 2018 - Submit your highly technical work!
10 December 2017:
PASTE will appear in USENIX NSDI 2018. It designs a network stack for the era of non-volatile main memory.
30 August 2017:
I will be a PC member for ACM SOSR 2018 - Submit your best SDN/NFV work!
22 July 2017:
Two papers got into ACM SoCC: In-connection TCP scale-out and Xen backend optimization, both using mSwitch
28 March 2017:
There will be a netmap tutorial in SIGCOMM'17!
13 December 2016:
I will be a PC member for USENIX ATC 2017 - Submit your best practical systems work!
10 September 2016:
Our PASTE paper will appear in ACM HotNets! This paper co-designs network and NVMM stacks
17 June 2016:
Our StackMap paper will appear in USENIX ATC! This paper addresses dilemma between the actively-maintained, feature-rich OS TCP/IP and fast user-space networking.
17 June 2015:
Our mSwitch paper wins the best paper award in SOSR'15!
29 April 2015:
Our paper "mSwitch: A Highly-Scalable, Modular Software Switch" has been accepted for ACM Symposium on SDN Research (SOSR). All the mSwitch features and modules described in the paper are publicly available as they have been integrated in a VALE software switch implementation.
23 January 2014:
Our paper "Rekindling Network Protocol Innovation with User-Level Stacks" has been accepted for the April 2014 issue of ACM Computer Communication Review. This paper is motivated by slow evolution of TCP extensions over the past years. Towards faster evolution, we present how we can move the protocol stacks into the user-space in a deployable way in today's commodity systems
22 September 2011:
Our IMC paper is awarded Applied Networking Research Prize by Internet Research Task Force
2 August 2011:
Our middlebox measurement study got Slashdotted
23 July 2011:
Our middlebox measurement paper has been accepted for publication in ACM IMC
3 June 2011:
Our SCTP mobility implementation is merged to Linux kernel (net-next-2.6 tree)

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